COST Networks

The networks in COST (The European Cooperation in Science and Technology) are an opportunity to boost your career and expand your international network.
The COST networks have shown that they can act as a springboard for participation in international research projects and much else besides.

"The COST networks have helped define both the research I do and the events I take part in."

Christoffer Laustsen, Clinical Medicine

"COST is a fantastic scene to invite junior research colleagues into. It helps them build up their own network."

Vivi Schlünssen, Public Health

COST is an EU-funded programme which supports the establishment of international research networks. The purpose of COST is to support ground-breaking scientific work that can lead to new concepts and new products.

"You don't just meet the most prominent experts in your field and expand your personal network enormously. There are also other advantages. Such as new opportunities to send students on training stays in other laboratories."

Yonglun Luo, Biomedicine

The Benefits of Participating in a COST Network

In the video below, three researchers from Health talk about what the COST network has meant for them, and how participation in the networks has contributed to shaping their careers.