Work environment and well-being

WPA at Health

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The occupational health and safety organisation at Health

The Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Committee (FAMU) plans and coordinates the faculty’s occupational health and safety work. The occupational health and safety committee at Health reports to the faculty management team and to the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HAMU).

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Emergency response

Aarhus University has an emergency response in the event of accidents, fire, acts of violence and other crisis situations.

Policy for pregnancy

At Health, a policy for pregnancy has been drawn-up to ensure a safe and secure work environment for pregnant women. 

Advice on work environment

If you need advice on or help with specific problems related to your physical work environment, for example, ergonomics or indoor climate, you may contact one of the authorised advisers with whom AU has entered into a collaboration agreement.

Your unit (department or centre) will bear all the expenses for the adviser. Read more about AU’s collaboration partners offering advice on work environment.

You may also contact the HE contact person for work environment matters (Christoffer Madsen Raben,, tel. 30 18 31 66) to clarify your needs for external consultancy.

Risk assessment at HE

Dealing with stress at Health