Booking rooms at Health

Request room booking at Health


See which rooms are available via MyTimeTable.

How-to guide (in Danish).  

When you know which room you want to book and when: Click on the blue button below - please fill out all the fields in the form.

We look at requests Tuesdays and Thursdays.
If the room is not available, we will try to find another similar room for you.

Booking outside normal opening hours

If you book a room outside of normal opening hours on weekdays and during weekends, notice must be given so that the security guards can be notified and the doors can be reprogrammed. You must do this no later than the Friday of the week before the event.
You can see the opening hours for the individual buildings here. It is not possible to book rooms for public holidays.

Security and cleaning

If you need security guards present during the event of if you need extra cleaning after the event, you have to pay extra for this.

  • Cleaning per hour: 250 kr. ex. VAT
  • Security guards per hour: 350 kr. ex. VAT (all hours besides 7.30 - 15.00 Monday-Thursdays and all hours besides 7.30 - 14.00 on Fridays and all through weekend/holidays/bank holidays).

Room rental for external organizer

If you are an external organizer and would like to rent a room, you can learn more here (see "Udlejning til eksterne").

Room booking for student organizations

If you are a student from i.e. a student organization you have to contact the room bookers at Health using the blue button below.