Strategic efforts

Here you can find information about Health's strategic efforts for 2024.

This is how the strategy house should be read

The strategy house shows the strategic efforts that we at the faculty have decided to work on in 2024. The efforts apply to all five departments.

At the top are efforts aimed at the university's three core pillars: Research, education, and collaboration. Underneath these are transversal efforts.

Health supports AU's overall strategy and therefore does not have an independent strategy; only special, strategic areas of action.

In addition, the departments have set up action plans specific to each them.


  • Research support at Health
    In 2024, we will take the first, concrete steps to create professionally strong funding support. Each department will be assigned employees who know both the researchers and the funding programmes – and can ensure the right match.

  • Research evaluation
    We want to strengthen research at Health. Therefore, we invite independent review panels to evaluate our research, which, together with the departments' self-evaluation reports, will uncover potential for excellent research at all departments.


  • Collegial sparring
    We want to strengthen the educators' development of competences through professional communities, also across disciplines. We do this by developing formats for collegial sparring.


  • Common electives in entrepreneurship
    We will develop an elective course, which is an offer for students across all our study programmes, to ensure that their skills in innovation and entrepreneurship will come into play even more in the future.


  • Reduce CO2 footprint through fewer flights
    The departments will draw up action plans to reduce the number of flights. Our goal in 2025 is to reduce the number of kilometres travelled by plane by 30 percent compared to 2018.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Equal opportunities for all
    We work for more equality and inclusion, i.e. through initiatives for career development, guidelines for inclusive communication and management audits.

AU's strategy

Health's strategic efforts are an extension of the overall strategy for Aarhus University.