Dean's Office

The Dean's Office holds weekly meetings to discuss current issues of importance to the faculty.

Members of the Dean's Office:

Administration Centre Manager

Lasse Munk Madsen

Administration Centre Manager

"I greatly appreciate...

...the discussions we have in the faculty management team. We shed light on the topics from different angles and agree on a common position – a kind of basic position, which I can take with me out to the organisation, both in the administration's management team (LEA) and in the administration at Health. The faculty management team creates direction in the best sense of the word."

Secretariat Manager

"The most important task...

...of the faculty management team is, in my opinion, to translate the university’s strategy and direction into concrete strategic initiatives at Health, so that together and across the faculty, we can contribute to achieving the university’s goals. In addition, the department heads are particularly important when it comes to translating the strategic initiatives into action."

Head of Communications

Ulla Krag Jespersen

Head of Communications, Health

"I focus on ensuring...

...that the faculty management team's decisions are communicated in a way that is relevant for the employees. Good communication can strengthen relations and create openness and trust across the faculty."