Workzone at the Department of Health

Get off to a good start with Workzone

At Aarhus University, we use the filing system Workzone to file cases. This page will help you get started with Workzone.

You can learn more about filing practices at your department by visiting your local staff portal.

Visit the Workzone homepage on the AU website for more information.

The ABCs of filing


As a university, we have a record-keeping obligation, which means we must save certain documents and correspondence to ensure that:

  • the university complies with the statutory requirements of section 15 of the Access to Public Administration Files Act.
  • critical documentation is preserved and can be found when needed.
  • we can quickly and efficiently accommodate requests for access to documents.
  • we uphold efficient and coherent administrative processes.

Documents and correspondence must be stored in an ESDH system that is designed to store documentation securely.

The senior management team has decided that Workzone will be used for cases with record-keeping obligations.


As a general rule, all cases that involve external parties – i.e. parties outside Aarhus University – must be filed. For example collaborations with government agencies, foundations, companies, hospitals, media or other universities.

Case filings must include the core documents of a collaboration, e.g. agreement documents, applications and contracts, as well as all matters and correspondence related to the case. For example emails, office files, text messages, phone memos and meeting minutes.


Every employee is responsible for ensuring that relevant documents and correspondence are filed in Workzone.

In general, managers have the overall responsibility for filing documentation, while employees have the daily responsibility.


All employees who work with cases the require filing are responsible for:

  • ensuring that all case-relevant material received/sent/created is processed and filed in Workzone in accordance with the filing practice of the area.
  • deciding who files the material if several employees work together on an assignment. This also applies if the assignment consists of several sub-assignments, which are shared across different levels in the organisation.


Managers at each institute, section, department or unit are responsible for:

  • drawing up a filing practice for the unit based on the overall framework and guidelines, and ensuring that filing is done in accordance with the statutory requirements.
  • instructing employees in the filing practice, and ensuring that the relevant documents are filed.
  • ensuring the quality, integrity and confidentiality of data stored in Workzone within their area.

Filing practices may vary from unit to unit, so check your local staff portal.


If you do not have access to Workzone yet, the first step is to register as a user. To do this, contact XXX, who will give you access to the system.

Do you have the Workzone plugin in Outlook, which makes it easy to file incoming and outgoing emails? If not, you need to install the plugin. Click here to find out how to install it.

Guidelines for some of the most used functions in Workzone:

  • Set up a case
  • Import a document
  • File an email
  • File an attachment
  • Filing on a Mac

See all guidelines

Legislation, security & registration practice

Watch the video (10:55 min.) to learn more about AU’s guidelines for record-keeping in Workzone.

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