The Faculty of Health at Aarhus University is made up of five departments under which the research units are organised, together with two staff functions.


The dean is the most senior manager at Health and also a member of the senior management team at Aarhus University. The Dean's Office comprises the dean and the faculty's two vice-deans together with the administrative centre manager and the secretariat manager. The Dean's Office works strategically with research, education, talent development and external relations.

The faculty management team are the faculty’s senior management and all important decisions affecting the faculty – including finances, joint measures and initiatives etc. – are accordingly made by the faculty management team. The faculty management team comprises the dean, two vice-deans, the head of secretariat, the administrative centre manager, the head of communications and the faculty's five department heads, who represent:

Staff Functions

The Dean's Secretariat and the HE Administrative Centre provide administrative and technical service for management, research and education at the faculty.