Support letters for academic staff

Guidelines for academic staff support letters, which have to be signed by the Dean

Support letters, declarations of intent, expressions of interest in a broad sense in connection with applications within the following areas: 

  • Major research applications, for example the Centres of Excellence (Danish National Research Foundation), the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Laureate Research Grant or unsolicited research applications to private foundations, for example TrygFonden and A.P. Møller Foundation.
  • Internal round of applications at AU, for example AUFF Starting Grant.
  • The educational area, for example strategic applications to NordForsk.


An enquiry is sent to five work days before deadline.

  1. The enquiry must contain information whether the Head of Department support the application or not. Be aware that the support letter must be signed by both Dean and Head of Department.
  2. A draft of the support letter must be in a Word document enclosed the call and the application. If there is no call, the enquiry must contain a brief description of the purpose of the application.
  3. Questions about co-financing from the Faculty must be settled before the signing of the support letter, and this must be evident in the enquiry.
  4. The Dean reds through the  handed in material and takes a decision, whether he can meet the enquiry.
  5. If the Dean supports the application, the support letter will be signed by the Dean and the Head of Department, and the support letter will be sent to applicant with a copy to the Head of Department.