LinkedIn Guide

Do you want to learn more about using LinkedIn, and how you can get the most out of it?

Then perhaps this LinkedIn guide is just what you need. It is full of good tips, tricks and guides for both newcomers and more advanced users.

Why are you on LinkedIn?

"Personally, I think that we as researchers have an obligation to share our knowledge with others, and LinkedIn connects on a practice, research and political level. So it’s the obvious choice of platform."

Helle Maindal, Department of Public Health, LinkedIn profile

"For me, LinkedIn is equal parts scientific communication, networking and social interaction. I admit that I’m a sucker for positive comments from colleagues and other peers who find the research my group is doing interesting. Everyone needs likes, a well done or some other encouragement now and then.”

Reimar Thomsen, Department of Clinical Medicine, LinkedIn profile

What makes LinkedIn special?

LinkedIn is often referred to as the professionals’ social media.

  • Many people have a LinkedIn profile, but in general people post less frequently than on Facebook and X, for example. This means that there is plenty of scope for your posts on the channel.
  • Content on LinkedIn generally has a long lifespan compared with content on other SoMe platforms. Posts can easily get likes, shares and comments several months after being published.

Being on LinkedIn can give you:

  • Increased visibility that can benefit you and your work
  • A larger professional network
  • Up-to-date knowledge of trends and news in your field
  • The opportunity to help set the agenda within your field
  • Recognition from your network and peers
  • Exposure of projects and results