Good advice on using social media at Health

Thinking about creating a channel on social media?

It is more demanding than you would think.

Having a presence on social media requires planning, time and commitment. 

It is easy to create a page or a profile, and it can be tempting to just jump in headfirst and see how things go. However, it is a good idea to look a little further ahead and ensure that you have the resources and the content that is needed to make your presence on social media a success.

  • Contact SoMe at Health for advice and sparring on your social media presence before you start.
  • Health Communication cannot help with setting-up profiles or channels and does not provide technical support either. 

Ten things to think about before you create a social media channel

  1. Who do you want to reach - who is your target group?
  2. What is your objective for being on social media and is it the best way to reach your target group?
  3. What should your social media channel contribute with that users cannot easily find elsewhere?
  4. Social media is about network and interaction – it is not a digital notice board. Can your content create engagement among social media users and is it suitable for sharing, likes and comments?
  5. Does your unit have the resources required to maintain the profile/channel – to create posts, answer inquiries, keep an eye on comments and follow 'conversations' on different social media?
  6. Check whether your unit is allowed to use AU's logo when you communicate and are present on social media.
  7. When your unit is present on social media, it also represents AU as an organisation. You should therefore consider how you communicate. Do not upload texts, images or other forms of content on social media that your unit or AU cannot vouch for.
  8. Who is responsible for the social media channel – senior manager or rank-and-file employee, and what responsibilities follow?
  9. Good social media content is not always enough. Advertising and a ‘financial boost' can often help get the content out into the world – how much money can and will you use?
  10. Remember that social media takes a long time to build and get going. Assess whether the effort needed is worthwhile.


Do you have questions, tips or comments on Health's social media?

Write to us at:

SoMe Contacts at Health

Simon Byrial Fischel

Communications Officer


Official Health units have the option of paid advertising on LinkedIn.

Contact if you need help with advertising.

Use of logo

All official Health units such as departments and centres are allowed to use AU's logo on their social media.

In the case of other units such as student associations or cross-institutional projects, Health Communication determines whether AU's logo may be used.