Circle U. visits

You now have the opportunity to apply for a travel grant of DKK 20,000 for visiting colleagues at a university in the Circle U. alliance.

The travel grants are part of the faculty's strategic efforts to support internationalization with a focus towards education and the active participation in the Circle U. alliance. The grants are a supplement to other funding opportunities, such as Erasmus scholarships for employees.

Who can apply?

Scientific staff members of at least postdoc level and with at least 50% employment at Health can apply.

We accept group applications for groups of up to four persons (incl. the main applicant). When travelling as a group students and non-scientific staff members can in some cases also be granted travel funds: When applying as a group, one of the participants can be a student, e.g. a student representative in a board of studies at Health, and one of the participants can be a non-scientific staff member with 100% employment at Health.

Members of board of studies and lecturers within the same educational area are especially encouraged to apply and go abroad for inspiration that can contribute to the quality of education and teaching at Health.

Eligible destination

Grants are awarded for visits to universities in the Circle U. alliance. Your destination must therefore be one of the following universities:

Purpose of the visit

The visit must be academically relevant and include activities meant for inspiration and networking, e.g. tours and meetings with colleagues.

Academically relevant can refer to the realms of both teaching, education and research. If necessary, visits within the realms of teaching or education will be prioritized.

Reimbursed expenses

The travel grant is a reimbursement of travel and hotel expenses as well as hourly and daily allowances according to state and university rules. Maximum amount is DKK 20,000 per person per visit. There is no minimum or maximum to number of days abroad.

Expenses for representation including dinners and presents are not reimbursed. Neither are course fees, conference fees or project expenses including materials, transportation of equipment, etc.

How to apply

Fill in and return the application form. There is no deadline (ongoing).

To ensure that the funds will benefit as many as possible, we expect you to have arranged the visit before applying. We will not fund past visits.

You can apply more than once. If you plan several visits, you will need to submit one application per visit.


You will be asked to settle in RejsUd (reimbursement of purchases and out-of-pocket expenses). You will get more information upon award.


Upon award you will receive an evaluation form where we ask for a short description of your visit.

Get started

Education and research on the highest international level requires that we have knowledge of this level through collaboration with colleagues abroad. It also requires that we share experiences and best practice and get inspired as driver for development and change.

  • Maybe they just revised the dental education in London and you are interested in hearing more about their considerations?
  • Maybe you want to know how ‘your course’ is being taught in Paris?
  • Maybe you would like colleagues from Berlin to participate in an application for development of online courses?
  • Or maybe you know of a research group in Brussels, that you would like to discuss a possible research collaboration with?

Find inspiration on the university webpages and ask around in your network. The purpose of the Circle U alliance is increased and closer collaboration, so feel free to refer to it to open doors.

You can contact a colleague at the university that you would like to visit or you can contact a faculty administration, department, center etc. If you have any doubts as to how to proceed, you can contact the international office of the university and ask for assistance. Be as precise as possible about the purpose of your visit. That will better enable them to help you.

Apply for a grant

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis.