Social media at Health

about social media

Some of the most widely used social media in Denmark are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. They are also the most highly prioritized social media at AU, and therefore they are the focus of these guidelines.
The guidelines solely cover social media under the auspices of the workplace and not employees' private use of social media.  

Guidelines for using social media at Health

Offers for units at Health

Units at Health that wish to be represented on social media and have AU as the sender via the use of name or logo must contact Health Communication before creating the account for advice and help with qualifying the social media plans.

Health Communication offers advice on:

  • Goals, target groups, content and use of resources in connection with the creation of social media channels.
  • Content for the central AU channels on social media.
  • Facebook advertising, including dialogue on texts and help with access to setting-up advertising.

Technical support or help with the setting up of social media is not provided.

Using social media at Health

Joint AU channels

  • At Health we support the existing social media at AU. Health Communication contributes content to AU's channels on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. This content focuses on student life, education, research and recruitment as well as the promotion of AU and Health.

Health’s own channels

Health Communication:

  • Runs the faculty's YouTube channel, which is administered and used by Health Communication primarily for internal video communication within the faculty. The channel is used as a "container" for the faculty's videos and is not promoted externally.
  • Has created a Health Facebook page which is exclusively used as a platform for advertising, for example to recruit patients for research projects. The Facebook page has no editorial content and refers to other Health media such as
  • Runs the faculty's LinkedIn-page, which is used for external communication

External stakeholders' channels

  • As a supplement to the traditional PR work, Health Communication contributes content to external stakeholders' well-established channels on social media when these are aimed at relevant groups. These could be e.g. student and patient associations and partners such as Aarhus University Hospital and the Central Denmark Region. In this way we communicate with the target groups where they already are.

What to do

Social media and its use is developing rapidly. The policy will therefore be updated annually.