Websites at Health

About websites at Health

Health's websites are created using AU’s design framework and in coherence with AU’s other websites.

Health Communication is responsible for creating new sites at the faculty and undertakes the daily maintenance of the departments' external websites and internal and external pages at faculty level.

Guidelines for websites at Health

Who can get a website?

All employees have a personal website in Pure which shows the employee's master data and can be supplemented with information about academic profiles, etc. If you need additional elements, it may be that a website under the auspices of Health or the department could be a solution.

All employees can contact Health Communication with a request for a website. Health Communication helps to determine whether a new website is the best solution, and if so, which type of website is required. When you, together with Health Communication, have reached the best solution, Health Communication will contact the relevant manager – e.g. your department head – to get approval for the planned solution.

What does it take to get a website?

Before contacting Health Communication with a request for a new website, it is important that you consider who will be using the website and what it will be used for.

Once you have made sure that the website does indeed meet the needs of the users, it is also important that you assess whether you have a sufficient amount of relevant and user-oriented content to provide content for the new website. If it is only a matter of few sentences, it may be better to publish them on an existing page.

What types of website are available?

The type of website depends on the target group and the character of the content. Often, the best solution will be a new subpage on an existing site at the faculty or department, but there are occasions where an independent site with both a front page and some subpages is needed.

When creating sites with multiple pages, this will usually be done in the form of so-called subsites, where the site will be a subsite to e.g. the department's overall website. An example of a subsite is:

In certain cases, it may also be relevant to create a completely independent site that is not located under e.g. a department site. This could be in cases where the unit/project does not belong under a department or when there is an equal collaboration between several departments or organisations.

The web team at Health Communication will always help to find the best solution.

Can you use your own logo on the website?

Health supports Aarhus University's brand and visual identity. This means that the faculty's centres and units always use AU’s logo, seal, templates and fonts.

In exceptional cases, the Dean may grant exemptions for projects or units to use a custom logo. However, you must always apply to the Dean for permission to do this via Health's Head of Communications.

What should you do?

Consider the target groups, purpose and content of the website you wish to create, and then contact the web team at Health Communication at