Logo and seal

Using logo and sealt at Health

Health supports Aarhus University's brand and visual identity. This means that the faculty centres and units always use the AU logo, seal, templates and fonts.

Read more about how we use logo and seal.

Guidelines for the use of logo and seal at Health

Letterhead logo

  • Health uses AU's letterhead logo when Aarhus University is uppermost in upper case letters, and the name of the unit is placed underneath in smaller letters. The letterhead logo is applicable for all of the faculty's units, in all contexts and in all languages.
  • The name of the unit in the letterhead logo is used by the faculty, departments, national centres and certain larger centres. Sections and other smaller units use the department's letterhead logo.
Letterhead logo
Letterhead logo for Health: Aarhus University uppermost in large type, unit name below in smaller type

Co-branding and custom logo

Special agreements about the use of a custom logo or co-branding with a particular visual identity can be made, but only in cases having to do with larger, strategic efforts where several external organizations cooperate equally with us.

The prerequisites are:

  • That co-branding and custom logo are professionally designed and developed in dialogue with AU’s own graphic design department.
  • That the the cost of design and implementation are payed by the partners.

Decisions about co-branding or custom logo are made by the dean via Health Communication.

Contact Health Communication if you wish to request the use of co-branding or a custom logo.



  • Health uses the university seal as part of templates and graphic products such as e.g. exam certificates.
  • The university seal is displayed at the bottom of the faculty websites. 
Aarhus University’s seal

What to do

You may use a logo and seal on products connected to your work at AU.

In AU's approved Word and PowerPoint templates, the logo and seal have already been inserted, so here all you need to do is to download them from Templafy.

If you need to design other products with the logo and/or seal:

The use of the AU logo and seal for commercial purposes is not permitted unless AU is included as a party.

Special information for students

Students and PhD students may use AU's seal and logo on products directly connected to their studies.

You are permitted to use the logo and seal on e.g.:

  • Master's theses
  • Dissertations
  • Posters
  • Presentations

If students use the AU logo and seal in connection with student projects – for example on a questionnaire – it must be clearly stated on the product that the students are the sender.


Ulla Krag Jespersen

Head of Communications, Health