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Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, Health


Lina Waldstrøm Asmussen, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, MSc

Toxicology and Chemistry

  • Classification of hazardous chemical substances
  • Labelling hazardous substances, mixtures and products

The Kiros chemical database

  • Telephone/email support for the chemical database
  • Preparation of safety data sheets (SDS) on dangerous substances, mixtures and products
  • Kiros mini-guide

Chemical cancer assessment and 40 year´s cancer list 

Storing toxins and reporting if toxins are stolen

  • Requirements for the storage of toxins


Lina Waldstrøm Asmussen

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, MSc

Aarhus University, Health

Wilhelm Meyers Allé 3

Building 1231, 339

DK-8000 Aarhus C

Tel. +45 8716 7608


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