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Names of Units at Health

Department names

The abbreviations are for internal use only. We always write the full name when we communicate externally.

Names in Danish

Department namesAbbreviations in Danish
Institut for Biomedicin Biomedicin
Institut for Folkesundhed IFS
Institut for Klinisk Medicin IKM
Institut for Odontologi og Oral Sundhed IOOS
Institut for RetsmedicinRetsmedicin

Names in English

Department NamesAbbreviations in English
Department of BiomedicineBIOMED
Department of Public Health PH
Department of Clinical Medicine CLIN 
Department of Dentistry and Oral Health DENT
Department of Forensic Medicine Forensic

Names of the Administrative Units

When we use the names of the units externally, for example in an email signature or on stationary, we write Health instead of HE.

Names in Danish

Administrative units
HE Bygningsservice
HE Fakultetssekretariat
HE Forskeruddannelsen
HE IT-support
HE Kommunikation
HE Studier
HE Økonomi

Names in English

Administrative units
HE Estates Facilities
HE Dean's Secretariat
HE PhD Administration
HE IT Support
HE Communication
HE Studies Administration
HE Finance
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