List of experts

About the list of experts at Health

The list of experts at Health provides an overview of selected experts within the research areas that journalists are often interested in. The list of experts is targeted at Danish media and is therefore only found on the Danish section of the website.    

Guidelines for the list of experts at Health

Selected research areas






Parkinson's disease and dementia incl. Alzheimer's

Pregnancy and birth

Psychological disorders

Sport and doping

Forensic medicine and autopsies

Infections and epidemics

Health economics


Teeth and mouth


Criteria for inclusion in the list of experts


To be included in the list, you must:

  • Be an expert in one of the selected topics and have researcher seniority from associate professor level and above.
  • Be interested in talking to journalists and communicating your subject area in a manner that is interesting, engaging and understandable for laypersons.
  • Have an updated PURE profile with the correct title, mobile number, email address, building number, room number and a photo with a presentable likeness. The requirement for a mobile phone number may be deviated from in special cases.
  • Provide up to five keywords about your research areas that can be understood by laypersons.
  • Please be aware that you should be acquainted with the website with material on press relations

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