Membranes Lunch Seminar

Lecturer Prof. Victor Puelles: "Decoding Tissues Across Biological Scales"

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Torsdag 24. november 2022,  kl. 12:15 - 13:15


Lille anatomisk auditorium (build. 1231, room 424)


Biomedicine, Membranes


Pathophysiological changes can be studied from multiple perspectives and at different biological scales, including whole organs, intact functional structures, single cells, and subcellular compart[1]ments. The kidney represents a perfect example to highlight the importance of a multi-scale view of health and disease due to heterogeneous injury patterns. The seminar will provide an overview of different tissue-based technologies that have been ap[1]plied in the characterization of kidney injury due to viral, immune, ischemic, and idiopathic disor[1]ders. Some of the methods include: (1) 3D profiling using optical clearing and light microscopy for the analysis of intact organs and functional structures, (2) multiplex imaging with over 60 markers in the same piece of tissue for integrative molecular and molecular probing, (3) nanoscale imag[1]ing using expansion microscopy and computational image enhancement, reaching 25 nm reso[1]lution using LED-based systems, and (4) computational image analysis such as pixel-based cluster analysis) for disease state identification and pharmacological targeting, and deep learning-based cellsegmentation for morphometrics and patientstratification. Importantly, these technologies are easily transferable to other systems and conditions, providing a unique context for active multi[1]disciplinary collaborations.

Host: Robert A. Fenton

Søren Brandt Poulsen
Administrative Research Theme Coordinator