New professor with a special interest in health inequality

Mogens Vestergaard is a newly appointed professor of general medical epidemiology at Aarhus University. Among other things, he conducts clinical epidemiological studies on multi-morbidity, psychiatric disorders and health inequality, taking his outset in general practice.

Mogens Vestergaard
Mogens Vestergaard took up his professorship at the Department of Clinical Medicine on 1 November 2023. Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen.

When Mogens Vestergaard is not seeing patients in his medical practice in Grenå, he can be found among his research colleagues either at Aarhus University's Department of Clinical Medicine and Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby, or at the Research Unit for General Practice in the University Park. Here, he researches health inequality based on epidemiological models and theories combined with data from the Danish health registers.

As part of a research and quality development project (Deep End Denmark), Mogens Vestergaard and his colleagues have established a network of GP’s with a majority of patients with low socio-economic resources. The aim is to reduce the effect of geographical inequality by strengthening general practice through knowledge sharing, research and international collaboration. The project is funded by the Danish Research Foundation for General Practice, the Danish Cancer Society and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

"The primary focus of our current research project is to strengthen general medical efforts for citizens living in areas of Denmark with major medical challenges and few medical resources. It’s an incredibly important and meaningful area, and I really appreciate that the professorship will give me an opportunity to further enhance research in the area," says Mogens Vestergaard.

He is also pleased that, as a professor, he can continue to teach general medicine at both pre- and postgraduate levels.

Mogens Vestergaard was born in Tarm in West Jutland in 1967.


Professor, General Practitioner and PhD Mogens Vestergaard
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and
Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Clinical Epidemiology (KEA) and
the Research Unit for General Practice in Aarhus
Mobile: +45 23 43 99 90