Fun Facts about the Faculty: Student intake for the year

These days we are welcoming 878 new students to Health. 73% of the new students are women, and the vast majority are enrolled in the Medicine degree programme. But did you know that…

Health is welcoming 878 new students these days. Among them are quite a few called Ida and Laura. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto
  • ... You can practise saying ‘Hello Ida’ if you teach Odontology or Medicine? That’s the name that is most common in this year’s student intake for the two programmes. Around three per cent of the new medicine and dentistry students are called Ida – but in the study programmes overall, the highest number are the Lauras.
  • ... Sport Science is the only Health programme with a majority of male students admitted? This year, a total of 48 men and 26 women have been enrolled in the programme. But, at Public Health Science it is completely different. Here, only one new male student has been enrolled among 54 female students.
  • ... The vast majority of students were already living in East Jutland when they applied to Health? But moving boxes have been packed all over the country. The boxes that have travelled furthest arrived with the students from Bornholm.
  • The average age of the new students is 21.5 years? At an average age of 23.1 years, the Dental Hygienist programme has the oldest student intake. The youngest intake is in Medicine, where the average age is 21.2 years.


Training Manager Mads Hedelund
Health administrative Center - Health Studies Administration