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Rooms in the Victor Albeck Building

Rooms in the building

Health has access to the following rooms in the Victor Albeck Building:

By order of the fire authorities, the maximum numbers of people per room must not be exceeded.  

Auditorium The Blue Auditorium 38 2.22 1266
Classroom Kollokvierum East 50 2.18 1268
Group room Group room 2 6 3.14 1266
Group room Group room 3 6 2.17 1266
Group room Group room 4 6 2.16 1266
Group room Group room 5
Primarily booked for molecular medicine
6 2.19 1266
Group room Group room 6 6 2.18 1266
Group room Group room 7 6 2.21 1266
Group room Group room 9 6 2.10 1268
Group room Group room 10 6 2.12 1268
Group room Group room 11 6 2.17 1268
Group room Group room 12 4 3.02 1268
Group room Group room 13 8 3.12 1268
Group room Group room 14 4 3.17 1268
Group room Group room 15 4 3.18 1268
Group room Group room 16 4 3.19 1268
Group room Group room 17 4 3.20 1268
Group room Group room 18 4 3.21 1268
IT lab Small-IT 24 IT workstations 1.22 1266
Class room The attic 24 3.16 1266


Graduate School of Health
Faculty of Health
Katrinebjergvej 89F, bygn. 5132.
8200 Aarhus N.

More information

Equipment in the rooms

General terms and conditions for using the rooms

Departments and sections related to Health and the health sciences environment in Aarhus can use the facilities for internal meetings, seminars, symposia, medical teaching, defending graduate theses, etc. In addition, the building and its facilities – including IT facilities – are at the disposal of the faculty undergraduates and graduate students. The building facilities are funded by Health and the State and University Library.

In special circumstances, other parties may be permitted to use the rooms. To apply to use the rooms, please contact the Graduate School of Health. An assessment will then be carried out which, as far as possible, will take into consideration the internal and study-related use of the rooms.

You are responsible for any refreshments and for clearing up after you. Any and all refreshments must be served in the break area as it is not permitted to take food and drink into the teaching rooms, and clean-up must take place immediately on conclusion of the event. Please note that the whole building is a non-smoking area.

Special terms and conditions for IT labs and facilities

The computers in the building are all equipped with standard software in English (Windows 10 and Office 2016), as well as with software for reference management and statistical analysis.

If you require a special configuration and/or installation of additional software, please contact IT support at Health ( Make sure to do this NO LATER than two full working weeks before you wish to use the room.

If your requests are in line with standard IT operation and other usage, the IT support department will make the changes you requested before your teaching takes place.

Only software with valid licences for all machines in the building will be installed; ‘borrowed’ licences will not be accepted. Nor is it permitted to attempt to circumvent applicable licence regulations in any other way.

Payment for use of rooms and caretaker service

Internal activities

The use of the rooms for internal activities WITHOUT USER FEES such as medical study programmes, seminars, internal meetings and courses linked to the health sciences environment in Aarhus is free.
It is usually necessary to pay for additional caretaker hours if the event runs past 18.00, or if it is considered likely that additional caretaker hours will be required in connection with the activity. Additional caretaker hours cost DKK 200 per hour and are charged according to the buildings inspector’s statement (no VAT is calculated).

External activities
Persons, course organisers and others not affiliated with Aarhus University, Health must pay to use the rooms and for extra caretaker services. If faculty staff are listed as organisers of activities with user fees or external financing, the situation is considered an ‘external activity’ and a fee will be charged for using the rooms.
On booking rooms for external activities, a minimum fee must be paid equivalent to six hours – currently DKK 2,500 excl. VAT. The fee includes six hours of caretaker service and two hours of cleaning immediately following the event. For bookings longer than six hours, additional hours are charged at DKK 170 each (VAT is not charged on room bookings). Additional caretaker hours are charged according to the buildings inspector’s statement at DKK 200 per hour, excl. VAT.

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