Now you must enter your sideline employment in Pure

If you have sideline employment, you are now required to enter it in Pure. Via a new function, you will be able to display your external positions in Pure, and AU will be able to increase openness about the sideline employment of employees and help minimise the risk of conflicts of interest.

All employees at AU must now enter any sideline employment in a new function under “Activity” in Pure. Photo: AU Health

The new sideline employment registration function in Pure is now available. Therefore, the new guidelines for sideline employment have come into force, and all employees – both VIP and TAP – must enter any academic or commercial sideline employment in Pure.

This has been decided by the senior management team after discussions of the issue in the Main Liaison Committee (HSU). Dean Anne-Mette Hvas was involved in the decision to tighten requirements for what information employees register in Pure.

"It's important that we show the outside world what our employees are involved in and how they contribute academically, and this includes their activities outside the walls of the university. And as a university, we’d like to be as open as possible of course," she says.

What does sideline employment cover?

The new requirements cover academic and commercial sideline employment related to academic work at AU. For example (the list is not exhaustive):

Examples of academic sideline employment:

  • Membership of executive boards/boards of scientific associations and societies
  • Membership of editorial committees of national and international scientific journals
  • Visiting lectureships at other national or international institutions

Examples of commercial sideline employment:

  • Employment in other public or private company, including the employee’s own company
  • Membership of executive boards and/or boards of commercial companies, including spin outs
  • Long-term teaching obligations at other institutions

Sideline employment related to hobbies or similar, including civic duties, is not covered by the guidelines.

Sideline employment is a good thing

The senior management team is interested in achieving as much openness as possible, and the faculty management team at Health supports this.

"I'm a big advocate of employees at Health engaging in academic and commercial activities alongside their employment at AU. Together with the new function in Pure, the guidelines are meant to ensure that we’re open about the academic contexts we’re involved in – in addition to working at the university," says Anne-Mette Hvas.

When and where should the information be entered?
Information on sideline employment must be entered under ‘Activity’ in Pure on an ongoing basis and no later than 1 March every year.
This will apply from the 2023 calendar year, which means that relevant sideline employment for 2023 must be registered by 1 March 2024.

Who can help?

You can read more about the new guidelines on AU’s webpage about sideline employment, where you will also be able to find guidance on how to enter information on sideline employment in Pure.

If you need help registering your sideline employment, please contact your secretariat manager or send an email to the Pure support team at

If you do not want to share your sideline employment with the outside world, you can choose to hide the information in the system once it has been entered. If you do this, only you and your manager will be able to see the information you have entered in Pure. 


Dean Anne-Mette Hvas

Aarhus University, Health

Phone: (+45) 87 15 20 07