2nd Lightrail Seminar

Neuroimmunological and infectious diseases in the brain – clinical spectrum and disease mechanisms

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Thursday 18 January 2024,  at 14:30 - 17:00


Auditorium J116-113, Entrance J, AUH


The Inflammation Network & Graduate School of Health

Dear colleagues,

Join us for an exciting event when The Inflammation Network & Graduate School of Health together hosts the 2nd Lightrail Seminar.


14:30-14:35: Welcome

14:35-14:55: Parkinson: a brain disease with a systemic immune component Assoc. Prof. Marina Romero-Ramos, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

15:00-15:20: Host genetics and immunology of viral infections in the central nervous system Prof. Trine Mogensen, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU & Dept. of Infectious Diseases, AUH

15:25-15:45: Clinical presentations of viral neuroinfections Assoc. Prof. Christian Brandt, Zealand Univeristy Hospital, Roskilde

15:45-16:05: coffee, cake & networking

16:05-16:25: Mechanisms regulating infection and inflammation in the virus-infected brain Prof. Søren Paludan, Dept. of Biomedicine, AU

16:30-16:50: Studies on epidemiology and mechanisms of Guillan Barre syndrome Helle Al-Hakem Falk, Dept. of Neurology, AUH

16:50-16:55: Final remarks

The LigthRail Seminar series aims to bridge basic and clinical inflammation & infection research at AU and AUH.

Please note that the event is free for everyone, however, registration is required. 

Check out our flyer for the day here.

We look forward to welcoming you!