Preventing and dealing with stress at Health

Health's objectives

  • Health wishes to be a good and healthy workplace for all employees.
  • Health views stress as a shared challenge and a joint responsibility. 
  • Health will work to ensure that everyone actively takes responsibility for promoting well-being and preventing stress. 

As part of follow-up on the psychological workplace assessment 2016, FAMU prepared the following two folders:

Stress folder at Health

Preventing and dealing with stress

This brochure contains a brief introduction to stress as well as suggestions for what employees and managers can do to prevent and handle unhealthy stress. At the end of the brochure, you can find a brief 'stress test'.

Preventing and dealing with stress at Health (PDF)

Stress toolbox at Health

Stress toolbox for managers at Health

This brochure is aimed at managers. work environment and liaison committees and employees and provides an overview of what AU has to offer in the way of workshops, sparring and electronic material for inspiration in connection with working with stress.

The brochures can be downloaded as PDF files that you can print and fold in A5 size.    

Enquiries concerning the brochures should be made to Marianne Hokland or Pernille Leth.


If you have any questions regarding the handling and prevention of stress, you can contact:

  • your immediate supervisor
  • your occupational health and safety representative
  • your union representative

See also information from AU HR