Interdisciplinary PhD intro-positions

Interdisciplinary PhD intro-positions 2020

Scientific staff of at least associate professor level can now apply for a grant for a 3-month stipend for a potential PhD student. The intro-position must be used for the development and planning of an interdisciplinary PhD project as well as for fundraising for the PhD project.


Strong interdisciplinary competencies are important in the competition for research funding. With this grant Health wants to encourage new interdisciplinary PhD projects by supporting supervisors with interdisciplinary collaboration.

Who can apply?

Scientific staff at Health of at least associate professor level (applicant) in collaboration with a member of scientific staff from another department at Health (co-applicant).

We expect that the candidate subsequently apply for PhD admission and enrolment. The two applicants must therefore have the desire and the competence to take part in a future PhD project as main supervisor and co-supervisor respectively.

Candidates cannot apply on their own behalf and we will disregard such applications.

Conditions of the grant

The grant is for DKK 120,000 for 3 months of employment for a potential PhD student:

  • The candidate must be known at the time of application.
  • The employment must be for development and planning of an interdisciplinary PhD project, writing a project description, and applying for funding of the PhD project.
  • The 3-month stipend period must end in 2020 and latest start date is thus 1 October 2020.
  • Upon award, we will transfer the grant to the department of employment.

How to apply

Fill in and return the application form. Deadline: Monday 4 May 2020 at 12:00.

The application includes:

  • CV’s and a description of planned activities for the 3-month stipend period.
  • A description of the planned PhD project addressing the interdisciplinary aspects and the expected benefits from an interdisciplinary supervisor team and possible funding sources.

When planning please allow time for obtaining a work permit if the candidate is from a non-EU country.


Upon award, the grantee receives an evaluation form to be returned after the 3-month stipend period. We will also follow up on subsequent PhD enrolment of the candidate.