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Career development programme for the academic managers of the future

Health is offering a new career development programme for academic staff who are interested in management.

The new career development programme derives from the faculty's strategic focus area 'career development focusing on diversity’ and is open for tenured academic staff. The programme complements the faculty's focus on recruitment by providing an initiative for developing those employees who are already part of the organisation.

Who can take part?

The target group for the career development programme are tenured academic staff such as e.g. associate professors, professors and tenure-track assistant professors.

Managerial experience is not a requirement for participating in the programme.

What do you get from participating?

  • Increased knowledge about management in theory and practice as well as insight into managerial jobs:
    - What do they demand? What do they comprise? What opportunities and dilemmas are there?
  • Work on your own understanding of management and leadership and relevant competences
  • The chance to grapple with current, strategic challenges at Health
  • Networking with the other participants

Distribution of places

There are twenty places available on the programme. Fifteen of the places are already allocated to the departments as follows:

  • Department of Clinical Medicine: 5
  • Department of Biomedicine: 5
  • Department of Public Health: 2
  • Department of Dentistry and Oral Health: 2
  • Department of Forensic Medicine: 1

At least fifty per cent of the nominated candidates from each department must be women.

In addition to the fifteen places, each department may also nominate up to three candidates in order of priority who will be allocated among the remaining five places on the career development programme.

Course programme

The programme consists of four sessions lasting one or one-and-a-half days which will be held in April, June, September and November 2020. The first workshop will be held on 23 April 2020. The programme will be conducted in English – unless all participants are Danish speakers.

During the programme, participants will be able to work with selected strategic challenges at Health. In addition, they will have two career development dialogues with their immediate supervisor, who will also participate in the first workshop.

The programme of courses is a supplement to the existing management development programmes at Aarhus University (the Research Leadership Development Programme and AU Leadership). The programme is developed, planned and facilitated by AU HR.

Kick-off workshop

Duration: 1 day
Date: 23 April 2020

Welcome/opening remarks
- Dean Lars Bo Nielsen

Important trends – management at Health in the future

Paradoxical management
- Lotte Lüscher: How do managers navigate in paradoxes?

Succeeding as a manger faced with contradictory demands on a daily basis is not a question of either-or but rather of both-and. Presentation and work on how managers can navigate in paradoxes and maintain the ability to act in an organisation filled with contradictions and complexity.

Introduction to career development dialogues

Workshop 2: The manager in the organisation

Duration: 1.5 days
Date: 17 and 18 June 2020

Authority and management
- Claus Elmholdt

How do you get to grips with an organisational phenomenon and management conditions? Presentation and work on authority and management.

Narratives from a management job
Speakers will be announced as soon as possible.

Work on strategic management challenges at Health

Workshop 3: Challenges and conditions in modern management

Duration: 1.5 days
Date: 24 and 25 September 2020

Diversity and development
- Sara Louise Muhr, CBS

How do you work with blind spots and habits to achieve diversity? Presentation and work on managing diversity.

Narratives from a management job
Speakers will be announced as soon as possible.

Work on strategic management challenges at Health


Workshop 4: Self-management

Duration: 1.5 days
Date: November 2020 - TBA

Personal mental models in relation to management
Speakers will be announced as soon as possible.

Own competences and resources for management

Conclusion of the work on strategic management challenges at Health

How to register

If you are interested in taking part, you must first agree on your participation with your immediate supervisor. Your immediate supervisor will send the nomination to the department management team, who will then carry out the final prioritisation.

Application deadline: 12 February 2020

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