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Who may teach and act as examiner, summary

Guidelines for who may teach and act as examiner.

The guidelines must:

  • ensure research-based teaching
  • emphasise the department head's responsibility for the academic staff always having updated competences in relation to carrying out teaching and examination tasks

Health departments have regularly approached us with a wish to extend the circle of people who were allowed to teach and act as examiners, and in December 2013 the guidelines were revised.

High standard

A high standard is maintained in the area so that the faculty can document that it is providing research-based teaching. Research-based teaching is also included as a parameter in the institutional accreditation.

Department head's responsibility

The head of department has the responsibility and competence to give special permission for the group of employees who need a special permission to be allowed to examine

The department head is responsible for ensuring that the scientific members of staff maintain their competences in relation to teaching and acting as examiners.

The individual department head ought to have procedures for competence development. For example, employees who do not yet have full competence to teach and act as examiners (assistant professors and postdocs) could have an educational supervisor to assist with advice and guidance in relation to both teaching and examinations.

The guidelines are available in full-text (PDF) (in Danish)

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