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Information to co-examiners

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Chairmanship of the external co-examiners at Aarhus University

For the exams where there is, in accordance with the academic regulations, external co-examination, such external co-examination is carried out by external co-examiners who are appointed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

The majority of the degree programmes within the field of health sciences have their own body of external co-examiners, headed by the Chairmanship. At Aarhus University, Health is the host secretariat for the following Chairmanships:

Bodies of external co-examiners affiliated with Health

In addition to the degree programmes in Odontology, Sport Science, Nursing and Clinical Nursing, the following bodies of external co-examiners are affiliated with Health:

Medicine (University of Copenhagen)
The Chairmanship website (in Danish)

Degree programmes in Public Health Science (University of Southern Denmark - SDU)
The Chairmanship website (in Danish)

Master in Health Science (University of Southern Denmark - SDU)
List of the body of external co-examiners (PDF) (in Danish)

Each body of external co-examiners has a secretariat located at one of the universities offering the programme(s) that are covered by the body of external co-examiners.

Registration of examination results online

All examination results at Aarhus University are registered online by both examiner and co-examiner in the ‘STADS VIP’ studies administration system. As co-examiner you will receive further information electronically once the exam register is open for examiner and co-examiner. 

Online registering of examination results.

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